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July 30, 2020

Your Auto Insurance Policy May Pay to Replace Your Car Seat

Infant girl sleeping in car seatAccording to the Center for Disease Control , the leading cause of death for children in the 5 -19 years of age group were due to being an occupant in a motor vehicle crash.  Factory installed seat belts are designed to fit adults who are at least 4 ‘ 9″ tall and weight as least 80 pounds. Someone sitting in a seat that does not meet or exceed these weight and height limits can be in danger as the seat belt might fail to properly restrain them in a collision.  That is why it is very important to follow the Colorado Dept of Transportation guidelines when securing infants, children and adolescents  in the proper car seat or booster when riding in a car

Below are some very helpful websites to make sure your youthful passengers are safely secured in your car.

Colorado Child Passenger Safety Laws

How to Install a Rear Facing Infant Car Seat

CDC Child Passenger Safety Tips

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration –  Car Seat Use after a crash

Car Seat Safety – Avoid 9 Common Mistakes

Important Facts about Installing & Using Car Seats

  • Make sure the seat is installed according to the manufacturers instructions
  • Make sure the child is strapped in according to the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Make sure the child is restrained in the seat EVERYTIME they ride in a car
  • Make sure to purchase a car seat and it’s base that fits the size constraints of your back seat   
  • Make sure to install the ‘base’ and if you have 2  or more vehicles, buy a base for each car that the child will ride in
  • Don’t add ‘after’ market items like padding for the shoulder straps or a blanket under the seat belt of a restrained child. Put the blanket ‘over’ the restraint. This could void interfere with the safety features of the restraint system.
  • Never reuse a car seat that has been involved in a moderate to severe auto accident

If your car seat was in the car during a crash, even if it was without a passenger at the time of the accident, there is a good chance your auto insurance carrier will pay to replace it. Make sure to check with your agent or insurance company if you car seat is in the car after a crash. It’s possible the forces of the crash can cause hairline fractures in the plastic which reduces the structural integrity of the seat and should be replaced.

Denver West Insurance Brokers has seen many auto accidents in it’s 17 years in business. We want to see all passengers residing in vehicles in the safest position possible  if involved in a crash. We serve all of Colorado and are located on the west side of Denver in downtown Golden. Contact us
for assistance with your auto insurance needs.

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