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May 13, 2022

Distracted Driving Can Cause an Increase In Auto Insurance Costs

distracted driver  sitting in a car

Isn’t everyone always looking for ways to reduce their auto insurance costs?  One of the best ways to do this, and the one thing you have control over ….. is to evaluate your driving habits ….and improve them!

Colorado Dept of Transportation,  in 2020 over 10,000 car accidents in Colorado involved a distracted driver.  That’s 10,000 tickets or moving violations that were issued and 10,000 drivers who had an increase in their auto insurance due to recieving a moving violation.   

The Center for Disease Control states there are 3 ways drivers get distracted 
1. Visual – taking your eyes off the road
2. Manual – taking your hands off the wheel
3. Cognitive – taking your mind off driving by thinking of other things

You have the power to prevent an increase in your auto insurance rates by changing your driving habits and make a concerted effort to avoid the following behaviors.

  • Talking on you cellphne
  • Eating while driving
  • Holding a pet
  • Smoking
  • Taking your eyes off the road and the car in front of you

Not only do car  accidents effective your auto insurance rate, they can be life threatening and very traumatic for the people involved.   We talk to clients every week who have recently been involved in a car accident and the experience is NOT FUN, even if no one gets injured.  Please do everything you can to avoid and accident and avoiding the distracted behaviors listed above is something every driver can practice!  

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