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Home » Tips To Insure Your Christmas Tree Doesn’t Become a Fire Hazard
December 16, 2019

Tips To Insure Your Christmas Tree Doesn’t Become a Fire Hazard

Christmas Trees are a Wonderful Tradition, But Be Careful


According to the National Fire Protection Association, every holiday season, fire departments across the nation respond to an average of 160 home fires started by the use of a Christmas tree. It’s very important for the homeowner to take a few precautionary steps to protect his/her family and friends and avoid filing a home insurance claim for damages, which can be costly.

Below are some tips to help prevent a fire started by the use of a Christmas Tree

Inspect the Electrical Outlet

Make sure the electrical outlet is in working order . You can follow the steps at this website for assistance
             How to Inspect an Electrical Outlet

Inspect all Light Strands

Forty-Four percent (44%) of Christmas tree fires are started by a damaged light strand. Make sure to thoroughly inspect every inch of every strand before placing in on the tree. Start at the plug end that inserts in the wall and visually inspect the plug at each end and inspect EVERY INCH of the wire. Watch for exposed wiring, or areas where the plastic coating has come off and pay close attention to the area where the wire goes into the light socket. Look for frayed/broken wires and loose or broken bulb and plug connections.  You want the wire to fit snuggly into the socket. If any area of the strand has exposed wire or darkened spots revealing previously areas heated to abnormal temperature….THROW IT AWAY. 
Also inspect every light bulb connection, if you see evidence of damage…THROW THE STRAND AWAY.
Do the same for every light strand before you put it on the tree.

Remove all Heat Sources Away from the Tree

Twenty-Five percent (25%)of Christmas tree fires are started by a heat source that was placed too close to the tree.  Make sure the tree is away from all candles, fireplaces, space or wall heaters or any other heat source.

Other Important Fire Prevention Tips

  • Make sure to unplug the lights when going to bed or no one is home
  • Place a portable fire extinguisher near the tree and make sure all family members know where it is located
  • Purchase only a fresh tree and make sure to have a water pan under the tree. Never put up a tree in your home without a water pan under it.
  • Make sure to keep the water pan full, to help prevent the tree from drying out
  • When a tree starts to drop individual needles, or the needles change color and the branches become brittle, this means the tree is drying out. Promptly remove the tree from your home.
    Home insurance will cover the cost to  make the necessary repairs to a home after a Christmas tree fire, but prevention will keep your family safe and keep you from having to file an insurance claim which will most likely increase the annual cost of policy.
    The staff at Denver West Insurance Brokers sincerely hope your family has a wonderful, safe holiday season.  Call us in the new year if you’d like a review of your current home insurance policy to ensure your properly covered.

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