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December 7, 2021

Tips on Storing Your Car for the Winter

Car in Storage

Many car enthusiasts store their classic, antique, or high value cars for the winter to protect them from harsh winter weather. In insurance terms this is called ‘storage mode.’

Follow these tips to help maintain the value of the car and prevent unforeseen damage to vehicle while it’s not being driven for an extended period time.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive is an insurance coverage that you keep on your auto insurance policy while your car is in ‘storage mode’. Comprehensive covers damage to the car caused by hail, theft, vandalism, explosion, and fire.  If the car is not being driving for an extended period talk to your agent about removing the liability, injury, and collision coverage on the car.  But make sure to add these coverages back on before the car is driven again.

Wash the Car before Storing

Make sure to wash the car thoroughly before placing it into storage mode.   Tree sap, road grime, animal droppings, road salt and magnesium chloride can all damage the cars paint if the car is stored for a long period of time.

Store Inside If Possible

Storing your car inside a structure is better than storing outside due to harsh weather conditions and exposure to rodents looking for a nice, warm habitat to hide in and ride out the winter.

Store only After Replacing Fluids

Never store a car with dirty fluids such as oil, transmission fluids, dirty antifreeze, or dirty brake fluid. Make sure these fluids are all replaced before storing for long periods of time.

Either Fill or Empty the gas tank

Filling the tank and adding fuel stabilizer before storing will help prevent moisture to build internally and seal components.  Or drain the gas tank completely, but this is not necessary before storing.

Keep Battery Charged with Trickle Charger

After a long winter in storage mode, the battery will most likely lose all its charge.  Hooking the battery up to a trickle charger will prevent this from happening and allow the car to start right up when you are ready to drive it again. 

Place Absorbent Pads Under Vehicle

Some older cars tend to leak fluids.  Make sure to place absorbent pads under the car to keep the floor underneath the car clean.

Inflate Tires to Maximum Pressure

Tires will lose pressure over time.  Inflating tires to maximum pressure will help prevent flat spots which can ruin your tires.  Or you can put it up on jack stands and remove the tires while the car is in storage mode.

Remove the Wiper Blades

Wipers are made of soft rubber which can ‘freeze’ into place. Avoid mis-shaped wiper blades by removing them from the car before storing.

Release Parking Brake

The parking brake can freeze onto the rotors. To prevent this, DO NOT engage the parking brake. Instead use blocks to prevent car movement.

Seal Car Openings

Cover the tailpipe, dash vents and engine gaps to prevent rodents from making their nests can claiming your car as their residence for the long winter season.

Cover Your Vehicle

Cover your vehicle with a high-quality weatherproof cover if storing outdoors.  You can use a lighter weight cover if storing indoors.

Set Reminder to Restore Insurance Before Driving

Setting a reminder to restore the items listed above before driving is very important. Make sure to restore all liability and adding collision and injury insurance coverage back to your auto insurance policy is of utmost importance before driving your car.

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