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January 24, 2021

Prevent a Small Business Insurance Claim by Installing the Correct Fire Extinguisher

Protect your Small Business in the Denver Metro area by Installing the Correct Fire Extinguisher

What type of Fire Extinguisher Should a Small Business Install?Fire Extinguisher

Most people don’t realize that fire extinguishers are manufactured to extinguish fire of different types of flammable materials. Therefore it’s imperative for a small business to install the proper type of extinguisher, according to the type of materials that could potentially catch fire.

For example, if the company processes petroleum based products, they would install a different fire extinguisher than a manufacturer of wood products.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Class A – Water and/or Dry Chemicals Fire Extinguisher

For flammable materials such as paper, cloth, wood , rubber and some plastics by ‘absorbing the heat’ or coating the fire.

Class B Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

For flammable liquid or electrical fires such as oil, gasoline, some paints, fats, grease, solvents. They eliminate oxygen to extinguish the fire. 

Class C Dry Chemical Extinguisher

For use on electrical fires in fuse boxes, panels, circuit breakers or wiring and other electrical sources or equipment.

Class ABC, AB, AC Multi Fire Type Dry Chemical Extinguisher

For multiple flammable materials. Uses siliconized monoammonium phosphate powder

Class D  Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

For use on combustible metals such as magnesium, sodium, titanium and aluminum

Class K Dry and Wet Chemical Extinguisher

Specifically designed for commercial kitchen fires involving oil or fat which burn at a high temperature
The use of the wrong kind of extinguisher on a fire within a small business can make the fire worse. It’s very important for the business owner to consult with professional installer to insure the safety of the workers, preserve the viability of the business and it’s property and prevent the need to file a small business insurance claim.

At Denver West Insurance Brokers, our licensed agents are trained to make sure your small business is insured properly in case your business does experience an unexpected loss by fire. Give a call at 3030-960-5290 or Email us . We are located on the west side of Denver in Golden, CO and serve the communities of Denver, Lakewood, Arvada, Littleton, Morrison, and Summit County.

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