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March 21, 2018

Pet Safety When Traveling by Air


The airlines have been taking a beating this past week regarding their missteps when transporting our beloved pets.  Obviously, they have some work to do in this dept. But in the meantime, here are some tips to help insure the safe arrival of your pet to your desired destination.

1.       Consider transporting your pet via land instead by air. This is a much safer alternative for your pet and would  better  allow  time and space for your pet to relieve themselves and stretch their legs!  Isn’t that what you want as a traveler?  There are services that provide land transport, just Google it!

2.       Get a vet exam 10 days prior to your travel date as (you know) traveling can be quite stressful, so make sure your pet is in good health before starting the journey.  While there,  ask the vet to trim your pets toenails, as many pets will try to scratch and claw their way out of cage when they are scared. Also have the vet Micro chip your pet in case they get loose from their cage while in transit.

3.       Make sure your pet is in a study, secure crate with a travel water bowl attached. Do practice runs with your pet in noisy and/or dark environments in short stints to help the animal adjust to a strange environment with you giving hugs in between stints.

4.       Don’t sedate your pet as this can cause impaired or slowed breathing while unattended

5.       Book your flight in the Spring or Fall when the storage hold may not be as cold or hot.

6.       Book a direct flight to minimize travel time and transferring of planes or take off and landings.

7.       Talk to the crew who will be caring for your pet. Let them know how much your pet means to you and see if you can get their assurance they will take care of your pet.

8.       Carry a picture of your pet, in case you get separated in transit.



This is not meant to be professional advice nor is it intended to be the only safety tips available. Reader should use their own personal judgement when transporting their pets.


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