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November 18, 2015

Pedestrian Deaths Mostly Caused by Distracted Driver & Pedestrian

Texting while driving

According to the Colorado Dept of Transportation in 2019,  seventy-six pedestrians lost their lives. The use of cell phones is  a major cause of distraction because it takes our eyes off the road and  and causes our mind to wonder away from what is going on around us as we drive.  Studies have shown that this increase in cell use of the both the driver and pedestrian is increasing alarming to safety officials. 

Attentive driving is essential to avoid accidents.  But accidents do happen;  we are human and subject to making mistakes like eating in our car while driving, checking a quick incoming text or even answering an incoming cell call while driving.  No one behind the wheel would intentionally hurt a pedestrian, but yet it happens to thousands of people around the country everyday.

Carry High Liability Limits on Your Car Insurance Policy

If you are deemed ‘at fault’ while driving and you injure or kill a pedestrian, your Bodily Injury liability limit on your car insurance policy will pay medical costs for the injured parties.  Since medical costs have sky-rocketed it’s important to carry high limits of insurance for Bodily injury.  And you may also be responsible to pay for ‘pain and suffering’ and lost wages to the injured party.  These costs can rack up very quickly.

Purchase An Excess Liability

A way to give you extra liability protection is to purchase a Liability Umbrella policy, also called an Excess Liability policy.   It provides a limit of insurance ‘above’ your auto policy limit in case the auto policy payout is exhausted.  Excess liability policies can be purchased in $1million increments and typically cost about $200/year (per million in coverage)

At Denver West Insurance Brokers, we have counseled many clients who were recently  involved in auto accident.  Accidents can be very traumatic for everyone involved, especially if they are ‘at fault’ in the accident and someone is injured.

We are always here to provide this service. We consider this to be one of the most important duties we perform.  Give Us a Call Today.  We are a local, independent insurance broker serving the communities of Golden, Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, Morrison, Evergreen, Arvada, Wheat Ridge and all of Colorado.

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