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April 25, 2017

No Excuses, Technology has made Going Paperless Too Easy

Making the switch from filing cabinets to cloud-based storage can be daunting, but once the initial file transfer is complete, your office will be so much more efficient.

Here are three leading technologies you should consider if you want to reap the many benefits of a paperless business.

Paperless Billing

Give online bill pay a try!  Once you set up the bank info, your monthly payments are a snap! Likewise, providing the convenience of online bill payment to your customers is something they’ll probably really appreciate. For example, many small service providers now have online scheduling options that allow customers to pay ahead of their appointment. This helps speed up the process, getting customers in and out of their office more quickly. It’s also very convenient for the customer.   No more runs to the bank and you have a digital record for your bookkeeping..

Cloud-based sharing

Cloud-based file-sharing platforms are becoming a staple of paperless business. These platforms allow users to store almost any type of data on a remote server hosted by a third-party company.

For example, multiple employees are all working on a new business proposal, you can store this proposal in your cloud-based file-sharing platform, giving all your employees access to the same file and enabling them to make edits that all other employees can see.  Another benefit is the ability to share large documents that can’t be easily attached to emails.

Document scanners

Document scanners are sleek and fast—and newer models can fit on your bookshelf. These devices make it possible for you to scan and digitize entire filing cabinets within a matter of hours. These machines were created specifically for businesses that need to quickly and easily digitize large quantities of documents.

One of the most useful features of most document scanners is that they can create searchable PDFs. This means that if you’re scanning a typed document, the document scanner is able to save the content as searchable text instead of just an image.

If you feel overwhelmed at even the thought of digitizing all your documents, hire a service  to complete the task for you. These companies use Optical Character Recognition technology to help turn your paper records into searchable digital documents. Simply ship your documents, have them digitized and stored in a cloud based service, and then the company will either shred the originals, or ship them back.

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