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February 3, 2017

Much of your home’s value is what’s inside

Home is where the heart is
There’s a popular saying that goes like this: “Home is where the heart is.”


That saying rings true for many who find “home” a safe haven and a place to cherish, convene with family and friends, raise children, cook meals, rest, retire and celebrate.


Most will agree a home is not just a pile of bricks and mortar. Rather, a true “home” comprises much more, including everything inside it.


Some of the things inside your house that helps make it your home include your furniture and appliances, clothing, sports equipment, and electronic goods. These items are considered personal property – and it’s really important to protect it all.


How do I protect what really makes my house a home?


Protecting the important stuff inside your home begins with an understanding what you have. If you’re like many people, you may find your home contains much more personal property than you realize.


To understand how much stuff you have, develop a careful inventory of your personal property following these tips.

Ø  Use a video camera to record and audibly describe items as you move through your home. If you don’t have access to a video camera, use a standard camera or phone camera.

Ø  Whether you use still photos or video to develop your inventory, include brand names and descriptions where possible, especially on high-cost items.

Ø  Keep any and all receipts on high-dollar purchases. Keep these receipts filed together with any instruction booklets, warranties, etc. that accompany the items.

Ø  Store your video or photo inventory offsite or back it up with an additional drive.

Ø  When you make new purchases, be sure to add them to your inventory.

 We recently found a great free app Know Your Stuff which allows you to inventory everything in your home. They provide the current actual cash value of your things and if you ever have a claim they can export the data to your carrier.
*When there is a loss your things are moved and thrown out by disaster mitigation teams so it’s near impossible to give accurate inventory of your property. 

If you have high-value items, be sure to check with us at Denver West Insurance Brokers so we can review your homeowners coverage to make sure you’re properly protected.  We understand that your home is not just a house, and we are here to help ensure that everything important to you is protected—both outside and inside your home.


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At Denver West Insurance Brokers we can work with you to make sure you’ve got the coverage you need, while at the same time using all possible credits and discounts to make that coverage affordable. Just give us a call at (303) 960-5290 or send us a note at [email protected]. We want to help you meet your goals, and make sure what’s important to you is protected!



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