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October 8, 2018

Is Your Drone Insured?

The answer is probably not, unless you buy a policy specifically for your drone.

Insurance companies are notorious for not keeping up with the rapid pace of technology.  When drones first became available several years ago, most home and commercial policies did not address the liability that comes from operating a drone, nor replacing the drone if destroyed.  So, if the policy is ‘silent’ (meaning not specifically excluded) usually coverage was provided.  

But within the last year or so, (after several large insurance claims) the carriers are starting to specifically ‘exclude’ coverage for ‘unmanned aircraft’. That’s insurance lingo for a drone.  Make sure to watch your home and insurance renewals, we are seeing many insurance carriers adding this exclusion for liability and damage to the ‘unmanned aircraft’ and it will show on the renewal as a ‘reduction’ in coverage.

The type of losses that can occur when operating a drone are many! 

Pilot Crashes Drone and Starts a Fire

Damage to another’s property such as (you crash it into a neighbors fence) , invasion of privacy  ( you fly it over a wedding and the groom sues you for invasion of privacy), damage to your own property ( you crash it into your roof causing roof damage) and damage to the drone itself can be costly if you have to pay those damages out of pocket.

Our office is in Is the Denver area. Give us a call for information on insuring your drone whether for personal or commercial use.

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