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September 27, 2021

How to Prevent water damage to your home?

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Every year,  about 1 in every 50 Colorado homeowners will file a ‘water’ claim on their home insurance policy, according to the Insurance Services Office (ISO)
That’s a lot of water entering peoples homes and damaging their property.  What a hassle!  What a large expense to both the insurance carrier and the homeowner!

Preventing water from entering your home and residing in places where it isn’t meant to be is easier than you think. Unfortunately the nature of ‘preventative’ actions means 
you’ll never know the true value of your efforts.

Bi-annual or annual checks and visual inspections of the following items would only take a few mintues of your time, but save you money and and time in the long run.
Setting an inspection time on your phone’s calendar is a great way to help you remember to do these quick inspections. Spring and Fall when you are turning on and off your sprinkler
system is also a good time to inspect the following:

Appliance Hoses: Your washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator all have hoses that carry water into, and away from your home. Over time they can crack or break away at the their socket and in turn cause a water leak

Air Conditioning Units: Particularly swamp coolers and any type cooler that uses water to cool your home.  Complete inspection all the way around the unit to ensure water tightness

Gutters and Down Spouts:  Make sure the gutters are clear of debris so the water can travel freely toward the downspout which also be inspected to make sure the downspout is in tact and directing water away from your homes foundation

Hose Bibs:  In the spring make sure the bib around the hose connection is not leaking and in the winter, make sure to remove the hose before freezing weather arrives

Other Items Which Can Cause Water Leaking into a Home

Pipe Maintenance Tips

Add water softener to block calcification and mineral’s coagulating around your pipes
Never hang anything from a pipe
Add insulation around pipes, especially ones near the outside perimeter of your home, since those are the most exposed to colder temperatures.
Add Shut Off valves and leak detection systems around your home.  

Water Heater – Make sure to replace your water heater a couple years prior to the ‘life expentancy’ listed on the heater.  They aren’t very expensive but the damage caused by a leaky hot water heater is very common.

Sewer Line – Have a plumber run a camera through your sewer line every 5 years. It’s not an expensive service and will discover hidden issues with your underground pipes.

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