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June 9, 2015

Hosting a Wedding? What if someone gets hurt?

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June is the #1 month for weddings to place across the U.S.  Lots of guests will be drinking spirits while celebrating.  If you are the host of the wedding, can you be held liable if someone drinks too much and gets hurts while at the wedding ….or worse driving home?  What if someone slips on the dance floor while showing off their ‘Saturday Night’ moves to the ladies?  Can the host be held liable? 

The Host You Can Be Held Liable for Guest Injuries  and/or Property Damage to the Venue

The good news is this type of exposure can be covered with Liability Insurance. Prepping for the big day is alot of work and you will spend many hours planning.   Make sure to spend time  researching how to obtain liability insurance for the event. 

There Are Two Ways to Obtain Liability Insurance for the Host of a Wedding

Homeowners Insurance

If you are a homeowner, you might already have coverage on your homeowners policy.  But all policies are different and you’ll need to call your agent and/or insurance carrier to verify the policy language and verify coverage.         I suggest you request they send to you the section in your home policy which shows in the contract language where coverage would be extended (just to make sure.)

Special Event Insurance

If you don’t have coverage on your home policy, you can purchase ‘event’ insurance for the special day and even for the rehersal dinner the night before the wedding.  These policies are priced according to how many people will be in attendance, but generally won’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars.

What Type of Insurance Coverage Do I Need

You will want the insurance policy to provide  General Liability coverage, Damages to Premises Rented, Medical Payments and Host Liquor Liability Coverage (if you are providing the liquor that will be given to the guests free of charge.)
If the guests ‘pay’ for their spirits from the event facility owner, talk to the manager to make sure they have a liquor liability policy in place.  I would ask if their policy extends to you ….the event ‘host’ in case of an injury, if not, purchase your own policy, it will be money well spent!

Weddings are always lots of fun, but bad things can occur especially when alcohol is served.  By taking the time to research the correct insurance coverage is in place, you can relax and enjoy the day. Denver West Insurance Brokers is a local insurance agency located on the west side of Denver in Golden Colorado.  We serve the areas of Arvada, Lakewood, Evergreen, Morrison, Wheat Ridge, Littleton and Denver.  We are here to answer any additional questions you might have about Wedding Insurance.  Give us a call.

The above statement is not to be considered professional advice. Please consult with your own insurance agent and/or insurance carrier for professional advice.

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