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Home » Dry Winter in Colorado Means Early Fire Season
April 5, 2018

Dry Winter in Colorado Means Early Fire Season


Normal  annual precipitation at the Denver International Airport is 14. 30 inches.  So far this year, they’ve received 1.84 inches.  That’s not very much moisture in the soil to help slow down wildfires. In fact, it’s shaping up to be the 3rd driest winter on record.

The State of Colorado has already issued a Consumer Alert to help residents prepare and mitigate their property.

Seems like every year we have less carriers choosing to write new business for home insurance in the mountains.  Therefore, it’s extremely important to residents in the mountains to protect their homes from wildfire by mitigating as much as possible and making sure their property is accessible to firefighters and to have a water source nearby that they can tap into if needed.  Hydrants are the most desirable, but installing cisterns is another good source communities  and individual homeowners should consider installing if hydrants are not possible in their area.

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