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October 8, 2021

Beware – 6 Hidden Home Fire Hazards

electrical outlet and plugs

The thought of your home catching on fire seems far fetched, but it’s a devastating event that is costly and time consuming to rebuild your home and replace your belongings.
Below are some of the most common causes of home fires that you might not ever thought about. 

Worn Electrical Cords
Periodically check the plastic coating and plugs of all your electrical appliances. Over time these can crack and peel away causing the device to lose it’s safety feature. 
Appliances that are mobile such as a vacuum and cell phone charger are especially susceptible. Make sure to never squash, pinch, bend or kink these cords which would expedite wear and tear.

Space Heaters
Todays convection and ceramic space heaters  are much safer than their predecessors  that used coils to generate heat, still these handy little heaters can be the cause of a house 
fire if not used properly.  Make sure to read the owners manual the unit and make sure to place it in a place where the air flows freely around the whole unit and never leave them
unattended or switched on overnight while sleeping. 

Clothes Dryers
According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), local fire departments respond to an estimated 15,970 home fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines each year: 92% of these fires involved the clothes dryer.
Cleaning the lint trap of your dryer before each use is essential to prevent lint build up which can ignite under the right conditions. But lint can also accumulate inside the dryers components in places that you cannot see.
If your clothes take a long time to dry, you smell burning or the clothes seem extra hot when being removed, make sure to call in professional to service your dryer. Don’t ignore these warning signs.

Loose Outlets
When inserting a plug into an outlet, you should get a snug fit.  If the plug falls out or is ‘loose’ inside the outlet, call an electrician and have the plug replaced. This loose fitting
can cause a spark and in turn cause a fire.  Only use a trained and certified electrician.

Oily Rags
Oil-soaked rags can spontaneously combust without spark to ignite them. This is a risk whether the oil is from vegetable oil used in cooking, your car’s engine oil or discarded oil-based paint.
Oily rags  should always be stored or thrown away with caution. Hang them to dry before storing in a metal container that has a tightly fitting lid.  If discarding place the rags in a metal con
container and fill to the top with water and make sure the lid is tightly secured before discarding. Always contact your local disposal company for further instructions. 

Toaster Crumbs
Most toaster have a removable tray that can be removed and crumbs removed. Make sure to check this periodically as over time crumbs can build up on the bottom creating a fire hazard.
If your toaster doesn’t have a removable tray, just turn the toaster upside down and shake vigorously and let the crumbs fall away. 

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