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Home » Actual Story – Why you need a Liability Umbrella Policy
April 29, 2016

Actual Story – Why you need a Liability Umbrella Policy


Ashley and  Andrea were going to meet for dinner.

Ashley couldn’t remember what time they were supposed to meet, so she decided to send a quick text to check.

With her eyes focused on her phone, Ashley didn’t see the two bicyclists in the crosswalk until it was too late.

Both cyclists sustained serious injuries, including head trauma, lung collapse, broken ribs and multiple major fractures. Andrea was not wearing her seat belt and suffered a severe head injury, requiring hospitalization and rehabilitation.

After Ashley’s auto liability limits were exhausted, she was held personally responsible for all outstanding medical bills. Since she did not have significant assets, this meant her future earnings would be garnished until the bills were settled.

If she had a standalone personal umbrella policy, it would have responded for the full amount.

Claim: $625,000

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