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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

green and black snowmobile beside black snowmobile during daytimeRecreational Vehicles – Off Road Dirt bikes & ATVs, Travel Trailers, Motorhomes

All of Colorado, Denver, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Morrison, Evergreen, Summit County and the Mountain Region

Recreational Vehicles (RV) Were Designed for Fun and Colorado’s landscape and wide-open spaces beckon use of these vehicles.  But, driving these vehicles in the mountains around Colorado means encountering uneven road conditions – without lanes – to help guide traffic, therefore a collision is more likely to occur.

Also, it’s common for recreational vehicle owners to let inexperienced or under aged drivers take the wheel which greatly increases the chances of an accident. Make sure your recreational vehicle insurance policy carries the proper insurance coverage for damage to property of others, your vehicle and injuries that may occur.

Liability Insurance

Your recreational vehicle is a moving vehicle (just like an automobile) that can cause Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage to others. If you are responsible for causing the accident; Colorado State Law dictates you are responsible to pay restitution to the injured party.

Bodily Injury (BI)

Pays for medical expenses of the injured party (other than the policy owner or their family members)

Property Damage to Others

Pays costs to repair the property damage you caused such as repairs the other party’s vehicle, fences, buildings etc.

Cost of environmental cleanup caused by the spillage of oil or other toxic fluids.

Like all machines, recreational vehicles require fluids like gasoline, oil and transmission fluid to run the engine. But if these fluids escape after an accident, they can contaminate the ground and surrounding area. Liability coverage pays for cleanup of these fluids after an accident.

Medical Payments

Pays for medical bills to either your passengers or yourself if injured while riding on the insured vehicle. It’s designed to pay quickly without a time-consuming inquiry as to who was at fault. The injured parties will also need to access their own personal health insurance policies if their injuries are severe, and the medical payments limit of insurance is exhausted.

Property Coverage – Damage to Your Recreational Vehicle

Some recreational vehicles can be quite expensive to repair or replace. Make sure your insurance policy includes coverage for your vehicle

Comprehensive Coverage

Many times, RVs are parked away from home and/or left overnight at campground parking lots that aren’t very secure. RV thefts have skyrocketed over the years so make sure to carry Comprehensive Coverage to replace the vehicle (and its trailer) if it’s stolen.

Collision Coverage

If you crash the RV and have damaged it, you will need to have Collision Coverage to have it repaired or replaced. Most policies will carry a deductible which is the portion the insured pays, before the insurance carrier pays out.

Important Notes: About insuring Recreational Vehicles

BEWARE…some policies will not provide medical payments nor liability if the insured owner allows and unlicensed or underage drivers to drive your recreational vehicle!

  • If you ‘live in’ your RV , you might need to add extended protection. Most carriers see this as a higher risk and will want to collect extra premium for this exposure. Make sure to tell your agent and they can find the right policy for you.
  • Specialized or customized equipment attached to your RV will need to be added (endorsed) to your policy. Items such as solar panels, satellite dishes, saddle bags, aftermarket parts may not be included in the valuation of a damaged RV unless specifically added to your policy.

Colorado has wonderful places to play and explore in/or on your RV. At Denver West Insurance Brokers we insure many recreational vehicles. Send us an Email or give us a call at 303-960-5290 One our licensed agents will assist you in finding the correct insurance coverage for your vehicle. We serve the communities of Golden, Denver, Lakewood, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Littleton, Morrison, Evergreen, Clear Creek and Summit Counties.