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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

people sitting on chair inside buildingWhat is Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?

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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance protects companies and their officers from criminal, civil and regulatory proceedings from allegations of wrongful acts stemming from decisions they make in their capacity as a director or officer of an organization. Wrongful acts may consist of misstatements, errors, breaches of duty and more.

Who Should Purchase Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is recommended for publicly traded companies with a corporate board o
It is also recommended for board members of Not-for-Profit organizations to protect the personal assets of the director from a lawsuit.

What Does Directors & Officers Liability Cover?

Hiring defense attorneys is expensive. This policy will pay the attorney fees to defend the officer whether or not they are found guilty of wrongdoing.  If the director is found guilty and is required to pay restitution to the injured party, this policy will pay those costs as well.

What are the benefits of Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?

Helps Defend the Reputation of the Company and Officers

Employees, stockholders and customers are able to make claims against a company and its directors for ill edged wrongdoing. Whether grounded or frivolous, the resulting legal expenses and reputation damage can be extensive.

Director More likely to Want to Serve on a Board

Serving on a board of directors can be very rewarding but knowing there is a risk to themselves personally might make a member think twice before committing to serve.  And many potential board members may refuse involvement unless this protection is in place.

Protect your company’s reputation and most important decision makers. Give us a call at 303-960-5290 to learn more about the benefits of Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.